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[REJECTED]No0nLikeMe Application

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[REJECTED]No0nLikeMe Application

Post by AllBlacksHaka on Fri Jun 29, 2012 11:42 pm

* Character Name:
Answer: No0nLikeMe

* IRL Name:
Answer: Jeve

* Class/Level (sub/nobl):
Answer:Cardinal and planning to make destro (to rush nobl)Bd (for clan Support) / Da or Saggitarius for sieges

* Why did you choose this class?:
Answer: I play this class since 3 years.. I have a lot of experience with it and played it on quite a lot of servers (L2 Party,L2 Czech Gamers,L2Official (teon))
* Equipment:
Answer: -

* Alternative characters:
Answer: Probably a EE as dualbox

* Previous Clans, Servers:
L2Officiall1x(teon): Mirmidones ally Spartans
l2 Party 8x: Poke Club
L2 Czech Gamers8x: Poke Club
L2Summer8x: Dangers

* Time zone - country:
Answer: GREECE GMT+2
* Age:
Answer: 22
* Male/Female:
Answer: Male

* Skype:
Answer: Yes, I have AllBlacksHaka8 but i prefer TS IS BETTER..

* How many hours can you play per day (weekdays/weekend):
Answer: I cant play 5+ouhrs per day at weekend i cant stay more because no work and no training...

* Are you able to use TS/Vent, if so how often can you be on it?:
Answer: I'll be on it at every events I need to be on. Like I said earlier I won't talk a lot but I'm able to listen well. I love listen music during farm, so I'll be more active on L2 chat than TS :p

* PC Specification (Processor/Ram/Video card):

Answer: I dont know about processor,4Gb RAM, and old video card. But I dont have any problem in game play..Soon I buy New Pc..
* Do you know anyone in the clan? Who?:
Answer: I know Kartox i saw him in many servers..!!

* What experience do you have on Raids/Sieges?:

Answer: I have good experience

* Any fraps made by you or includes you?(Name yourself on it):
Answer: No

* What role do you usually play? (Support, Damage Dealer, Tank):
Answer: I prefer Suport Cardinal,EE And DA

* Why do you want to join us?:
I saw u in L2 Max forum and i like ur style and ur organize.And i want to stay in a serius english speaking Clan with rules...

Answer:*Why should we choose you? What makes you special?:

Answer: I am a simple guy i want to go with my clan for farm for siege to help my clan mate i am not pro but i am sure i help clan any way I can...

* Lets say you have a friend on enemy side. Your friend PKs 1 of your clan mates that is currently in your party. Your actions:
Answer: PK HIM..

* Extra information, that might be usefull:
Answer:s I said above and what am looking for a serius clan to do great things I am a loyal soldier and would obey the General (My leader)


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Re: [REJECTED]No0nLikeMe Application

Post by Tealc on Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:27 am

change appl. and maybe I will read it....READ THE GUIDE and appl info before you will edit ;)

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Re: [REJECTED]No0nLikeMe Application

Post by Zoeynix on Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:20 am

Zoeynix wrote:Your application is kinda sloppy. Modify it, custom it and fix typos in every sentence. Maybe after that it should be readable.

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Re: [REJECTED]No0nLikeMe Application

Post by Bullet on Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:50 am

Read the guide lines again, scroll down, look at the examples provided, It's not that hard when you put some effort.

I'll comment on your contents when you fix the appearance.

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Re: [REJECTED]No0nLikeMe Application

Post by DarkCryer on Sat Jun 30, 2012 8:13 am

Proper app, what is this?

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Re: [REJECTED]No0nLikeMe Application

Post by Agito on Sat Jun 30, 2012 8:33 am

Already looking for a CP elsewhere, no reply. Rejected.


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Re: [REJECTED]No0nLikeMe Application

Post by Sponsored content

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