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Post by KartoX Mon Jul 11, 2011 8:24 am

Hello HellSpawn,

first for info: Yes we are in SW clan now, but they are low and inactive we need find new clan. We will leave SW.

* Character Name: KartoX, Debaz, Malfox, Walkhyria

* IRL Name: KartoX - Láďa, Walkhyria - Maty, Debaz - David

* Class/Level (sub/nobl): KartoX - SR 63, Debaz - Tyrant 55, Walkhyria - 59 EE, Malfox - TH 58

* Why did you choose this class?: we know play this chars and like PvP/PvE with this chars :)

* Equipment: KartoX - Eminence bow + CS, PL set, C jewels soon BOP, Debaz PL set C fists C jewels and now making Tallum set, Walkhyria karmian C gun C jewels, Malfox PL set C dagger C jewels + 1 B ring.

* Alternative characters: WC lvl 58, BD 45+, spoil 40+, craft 40+

* Previous Clans, Servers: Walkhyria - Max (IL, Hell), kastien, bfde,divinity, czg, world. KartoX - L2Extreme C4 Czech Raiders, AzureGaming C5 aerith clan FrostWolves, CareBears nanaki Oscuros clan and Celes FrostWolves. Abyss 3x dont remember clan but hero OL i was. L2 Paradise without clan. RPG CLUB Oscuros and ETC on 30x. Ice and Hydra Oscuros. Debaz DKTech, Vgos CL and AL KnightsOfGlory clan and hero SH. Abyss beta and alpha russia clans. Azure celes clan Proxima. Hydra Oscuros. Malfox same as Debaz ;)

* Time zone - country: Czech Republic and Walkhyria from Slovakia GMT +1

* Age: KartoX - 19, Walkhyria - 17, Debaz - 22, Malfox - 19

* Male/Female: we are male :)

* Skype: KartoX=Dafendist, Walkhyria = matisek205, Debaz = Debaz36, Malfox dont know :(

* How many hours can you play per day (weekdays/weekend): KartoX can NOLIFE. Walkhyria 5+. Malfox 5+. Debaz 5+

* Are you able to use TS/Vent, if so how often can you be on it?: OFC TS/VENT we use :)

* PC Specification (Processor/Ram/Video card): dont know all PCs but all have good pc we can dual box without problems. On azure at baium PvP 500+ ppls and OK :)

* Do you know anyone in the clan? Who?: I know only Sutko.

* What experience do you have on Raids/Sieges?: We killed all RBs with S drops on old servers. Debaz very good experience bcs he was CL/AL and me too :). But all have good experience ;)

* Any fraps made by you or includes you?(Name yourself on it): No have frapses

* What role do you usually play? (Support, Damage Dealer, Tank): we are usually ad organizators RB, OLY, CS and more :)

* Why do you want to join us?: Bcs we want go to some good and active clan with chance kill SUB RB, EPICS, CS and more and you are.

*Why should we choose you? What makes you special?: We are experienced players with BIG history. We can help with some CS, RB, Epics and we are very active.

* Lets say you have a friend on enemy side. Your friend PKs 1 of your clan mates that is currently in your party. Your actions: Clan > Friends. We kill our friends and help our clan mates and we can say only GF and GL guy ;)

* Extra information, that might be usefull: Believe me we are good and we will leave SW dont like this inactivity and low experience. Give us chance pls.

Thx for read and GL ;)


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Mini CP APPLY Empty Re: Mini CP APPLY

Post by Bullet Mon Jul 11, 2011 9:59 am

I'll just leave this here.
I don't want to sound like a jerk or something, but its quite obvious, that you are all together and I already declined 1 of you, so I automatically cannot accept you all together, or that would make me a hypocrit.
And atm we are only looking for near to perfection applications, from scale 1-10, it would have to be 9 or 10 only.
So yeah best of luck, hope you will find some decent clan and we will meet on the battlefield.

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