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App: Mhaegar & Rhaegar

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App: Mhaegar & Rhaegar Empty App: Mhaegar & Rhaegar

Post by Mhaegar Thu Jul 19, 2012 6:19 am

* Character Name:
Mhaegar, Rhaegar

* IRL Name:
Mateusz (Matthew), Dawid (David)

* Class/Level (sub/nobl):
Phantom Ranger (70+), Phantom Ranger (70+)

* Why did you choose this class?:
We have chosen this class, because he has a very strong attack, powerful criticals, is good for pvp, cp and exp. We played these character for a long time. The tested configuration :D

* Equipment:
Plathed Leather sets, BoP + Quick Recovery.... both.

* Alternative characters:
Pp 66 lvl, BD 74, SE 73, Sorc 79, Spoil 47 & 65.

* Previous Clans, Servers:
White Eadge
Dragon Network

and many smaller and larger servers.

* Time zone - country:
Poland GMT +1

* Age:
Matt: 20, David: 19

* Male/Female:
Matt: Male, David: Male

* Skype:
Both of us got. Matt: anomi23, David: did55

* How many hours can you play per day (weekdays/weekend):
We don't have minimum and maximum time to play, and often, we are losing the sense of real time.

* Are you able to use TS/Vent, if so how often can you be on it?:
Ohh, of coz we are using ts, (can be vent, mumble or smth else if u want). We are always online when playing.

* PC Specification (Processor/Ram/Video card):
I don't want to write such of rubbish. if necessary we can turn on penta-boxes, and will be ok.

* Do you know anyone in the clan? Who?:
Yes, Errian.

* What experience do you have on Raids/Sieges?:
In this issue we have a very large experience... On multiple servers we regularly participated in the raid and siege. Also we did an epic bosses, such as antharas, valkallas, ant queen, orfen, baium, the core and the rest of them.

* Any fraps made by you or includes you?(Name yourself on it):
No. We are Ninja. Invisible Killers. xD

* What role do you usually play? (Support, Damage Dealer, Tank):
Matt: Damange, David: Dealer. ^^ Seriously :D

* Why do you want to join us?:
Because we are plays on this server with friend, and we are looking for clan. But not ordinary clan. We're looking for a fackin 'awsome clan.

*Why should we choose you? What makes you special?:
You must to choose us because there aren't better DD at this server, and better for you to invite us.
Now Seriously, we just want play in good clan with friends. We need to have a lot of fun on sieges, exp, mass pvp and more :D

*Are you looking for a Clan just for the "ride" on the current server or would you like to join and be a part of the community?
WE are looking for GREAT WONDERFULL and FACKIN' AWSOME community. We want to be part of this clan. Part of the Crew, Part of the ship... ^^

* Lets say you have a friend on enemy side. Your friend PKs 1 of your clan mates that is currently in your party. Your actions:
Probaly kill each other. It is difficult decision. We are to make damange. Major injuries. Not to decide who should leave this world.

* Extra information, that might be usefull:
Maybe this is not on the spot, but we are not normal. We are laughing and joking and smiling a lot. We have a lot of the fun, but if the situation requires it, we can be serious. Just invite us to the test, and you'll see that we are FUCKIN' Awsome!!!!



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App: Mhaegar & Rhaegar Empty Re: App: Mhaegar & Rhaegar

Post by FinalElf Sat Jul 21, 2012 11:56 pm

you guys are low lvl and we already have ppl subing archers

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App: Mhaegar & Rhaegar Empty Re: App: Mhaegar & Rhaegar

Post by Ghanima Sun Jul 22, 2012 12:29 am

looks like a proper app.

Errian, you know them from other servers or just met them on Max?

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App: Mhaegar & Rhaegar Empty Re: App: Mhaegar & Rhaegar

Post by errian Sun Jul 22, 2012 4:11 am

I knwo them from real world but they make own clan so i think its nvm ;)


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App: Mhaegar & Rhaegar Empty Re: App: Mhaegar & Rhaegar

Post by Bullet Tue Jul 24, 2012 10:01 pm

You see like cool guys, but I will have to reject this application for the time being.

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App: Mhaegar & Rhaegar Empty Re: App: Mhaegar & Rhaegar

Post by Sponsored content

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