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    PeTruM: "Wilma i'm home!"

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    PeTruM: "Wilma i'm home!" Empty PeTruM: "Wilma i'm home!"

    Post by PeTruM Mon Apr 21, 2014 8:57 pm

    * Character Name:
    Answer: PeTruM

    * IRL Name:
    Answer: Pedro

    * Class/Level (sub/nobl):
    Answer: I'll do a Bishop or EE, only because i saw u need healers :P Subs: What u need is what u get :)

    * Why did you choose this class?:
    Answer: Because you need it, and i'm a good support and a pro healer :P

    * Equipment:
    Answer: it's open beta! :P

    * Alternative characters:
    Answer: I Will have many. Like allways

    * Previous Clans, Servers:
    Answer: hmmm, was Vengeance i guess :P

    * Time zone(GMT) + Country, Age, Gender:
    Answer: GMT, Portugal, 29, Male

    * Approximate, how many hours can you play per day (weekdays/weekends):
    Answer: 24hours but i'll not do it :P Real > Game (+/- 8h)

    * Are you able to use any voice comm - TS/Vent/Mumble/Skype etc, if so how often can you be on it? Do you get involved or you like to just listen?:
    Answer: I have TS/Vent/Skype/Curse voice/Razor comms/ etc... I'll be there when im in game.

    * PC Specification (Processor/Ram/Video card):
    Answer: i5-2500k, 4Gb RAM, GTX560 Ti...

    * Do you know anyone in the clan? Who?:
    Answer: Maybe all members :D Oldschool Rulez...

    * What experience do you have on Raids/Sieges?:
    Answer: Many, allways in! Let's conquer all!

    * Any fraps or screens made by you or includes you?(Name yourself on it):
    Answer: Many, just search for Hellspawn and you'll see... My main or one sub... but for confirmation i'll put one of the lastest videos made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdNfkrOo9uA - I'm Grinch :D
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnDXip5km7Q - With an alt, PeTroS because you needed a BD not a SPS :P

    * What ROLE do you usually play on RPG type of games? (Support, Damage Dealer, Tank):
    Answer: I allways play all roles... But normaly i need to be active in support role :)

    * Why do you want to join us?:
    Answer: Because i'm a Hellspawn since the beggining :) So i think i deserve my place again :D

    * Why should we choose you? What makes you special?:
    Answer: I'm one of the most active players and i'm a multifunction/adaptable player, i dont mind to play any char/role/class i just came to help, support and own them all :D

    * We like to play a lot of different games not just Lineage2. Are you looking for a Clan just for the "ride" on the current L2 server or would you like to join and be a part of the community?
    Answer:I dont wanna be a part... Im a part of the community :P

    * Lets say you have a friend on enemy side. Your friend PKs 1 of your clan mates that is currently in your party. Your actions:
    Answer: I dont have friend "outside" but if i had... HS > rest ingame :D

    * Extra information, that might be usefull:
    Answer: I think i just said everything... If u have any question just pm me on L2max ingame PeTruM :P

    Last edited by PeTruM on Mon Apr 21, 2014 9:56 pm; edited 3 times in total

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    PeTruM: "Wilma i'm home!" Empty Re: PeTruM: "Wilma i'm home!"

    Post by Ang3L Mon Apr 21, 2014 9:30 pm

    Portuguese ppl all over the place :O Fucking hell xd Just kiding im portuguese as well but it seems alot of portuguese are plaing l2 atm ;) Anyway even if my vote doest count i would say +1 his application sems good ;)


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    PeTruM: "Wilma i'm home!" Empty Re: PeTruM: "Wilma i'm home!"

    Post by Agito Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:22 am

    The name somewhat rings a bell. Bit more specific about who you might now in the clan?

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    PeTruM: "Wilma i'm home!" Empty Re: PeTruM: "Wilma i'm home!"

    Post by PeTruM Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:56 am

    I know all formation members of HS... when i first time joined HS somedays after dozen pass the leadership to lilith...

    Brief History:

    I played with lilith, goddess, mistique, spawn, maci, seph and all the other guys... After L2max closed we went together to another server dont remember the name and we owned there with PuccaLovers.... l8r we came back to L2max to own again... L2Max closed... so i stopped playing.

    Last time i was in HS i made an Apply with dozen in charge :P ... and i joined you again for another journey....

    Now i made an app again only because i became inactive on HS (we all did in a way or the other) but i think 1 time HS allways HS... this is only a respectfull formulation thingy. :P

    If u want to ask something more specific about anything i'll be able to help you :)

    PS: PeTruM was only in TS/Vent because in last times i played with diferent nicknames like Grinch and others...

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    PeTruM: "Wilma i'm home!" Empty Re: PeTruM: "Wilma i'm home!"

    Post by Bullet Tue Apr 22, 2014 1:23 am

    WB broski.
    Be sure to sort out the TS thingie before Live.

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    PeTruM: "Wilma i'm home!" Empty Re: PeTruM: "Wilma i'm home!"

    Post by Sponsored content

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